Roadpreneur 101

Design a life and business that let you camp more, earn more, and explore more. Discover powerful ways to keep your business moving, even when you're miles deep on your favorite hiking trail.

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Earn More. Explore More.

Make Money While RVing

Discover how to make a profit, no matter your business model, while still being able to travel flexibly and frequently.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Learn effective ways to prioritize and plan your time for maximum productivity, so you're always left feeling free while on the road.

Be Strategically Free

Uncover ways to authentically automate your business, and processes that will inspire you to feel more flexible and able to travel often.

BONUS: Templates

Unlock bonus templates written by a professional copywriter for you to use to continuously create casual conversations even while out of service range.

Create Memories While Creating a Business

In Roadpreneur 101, you'll get the exact strategies I have used to set my business up to be able to travel with young kids. The techniques you learn now can be rinsed and repeated as you continue to grow, explore, and earn. Who's with me?

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income for rvers

Build Road-Friendly Income Streams

Empower your business to fuel your lifestyle; not steal you away from it. Discover innovative ways to build your business while traveling and without taking you away from adventure.

Exercises Included:

  • Map your roadpreneurial future, keeping your personal and professional goals in focus
  • Leverage the 5 whys to keep your business aligned and on track towards your goals
  • Unlock your most profitable gifts and leverage them to make business model shifts specifically for the road (applicable to all industries from product to services, and everything in between)

Productivity for RVers

When you're traveling in an RV, Internet isn't always on your side. What you need are effective systems that will serve your unique lifestyle, helping you stay just as productive while in a big city versus in a dispersed camping area.

Exercises Included:

  • A guide for knowing where to start and what will make the most impact in your business, so you never waste time
  • A highly effective quarterly planning tool to help you balance longer trips with bigger business goals
  • A roadpreneur plan for workdays, travel days, and play days
business planning
campfire conversations audience building

Automate Your Biz Authentically

You don't want to be tethered to your computer or phone while exploring the backroads, but you still want to have campfire conversations with your audience and customers. Learn how to set up automation and leverage new technology to keep your business moving, even when you put your phone away or go out of Internet range.

Videos Included:

  • A content planning strategy that lets you show up consistently and authentically
  • A process for batching content without burning out 
  • Automation tools and strategies that will empower your business to keep running, while you're traveling

BONUS: Automation Templates

Simplify your automation efforts and spend time on copywriting. Included as a bonus with this course are templates you can use to start connecting authentically with your customers without having to be on the hook to respond while traveling.

Templates Included:

  • A welcome sequence for new list sign-ups
  • A welcome sequence for new buyers
  • Facebook group post themes to drive engagement while you're away
camping and work

Are you ready?

Start and accelerate your journey as a roadpreneur with these foundational strategies.

Hi, I'm Kimberly.

I left the J-O-B 9 years ago, and haven't looked back since. The strategies I teach in Roadpreneur 101 are the same ones I've used to juggle life as an RV mom and a business owner. Not only have I built my own company, but I've also worked across several industries — serving clients as a copywriter, coaching clients to build their own businesses, and most recently, starting an e-commerce store.

I know how to make businesses work from the road, and I'm so thrilled to be passing these strategies along to you too. Cheers to more freedom!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Right For Me?

This course is for anyone who:

  • Is ready to break free from being constantly connected, but still wants to pursue a business that serves others
  • Has a business or is on the brink of building something amazing
  • Runs any kind of business that can be automated to some extent, including an e-commerce business selling handmade or curated products, a service-based business where you're consistently showing up for clients, and a teaching business where students come to you to learn (yes, all of those can grow with certain levels of automation — I teach you how)
  • Has a growing family with young kids at home, and still wants to travel without sacrificing their career
  • Loves to travel by RV
  • *NOT REQUIRED: Being a full-time RVer

Do I already need a business to benefit from this course?

Not necessarily. While this course doesn't teach you how to start and grow your business, it does show you how to lay the foundation for your business, so that you can design your life to travel and work. Many times, what that work looks like will change, regardless of whether your business is a twinkle of a dream or an established company.

How much is this?

Get lifetime access to Roadpreneur 101 plus discounts on future Roadpreneur programs for $97. That's a small price to pay considering all of the growth you'll experience, new memories you'll get, the hours you'll reclaim, and the stress you'll shed just by implementing these techniques.

Is There A Refund Policy?

I'm not in a business of taking people's money. I'm in a business of helping people live more freely. If you're not satisfied after 14 days, reach out to and let's talk.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

This course isn't a coaching program. However, a program for Roadpreneurs is in the works for early 2022 where you'll learn how to grow your business on the road and get more hands-on support. Roadpreneur 101 students will be able to apply the cost of this course to that program.

Are you ready to become a Roadpreneur?

Set the foundation for more freedom, more memories, and more fun (while still earning a healthy living).